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Druk Air tickets will be issued in Bhutan and sent to you. To expedite this procedure, it is essential that you send us all information detailed below immediately so that the visa application can be made. The tickets cannot be issued until the visa is approved - and this process takes 10 to 14 days.

Visas are not issued by Bhutanese embassies abroad. Visas are issued only when you arrive in the country, either at Paro airport or (if by road) at Phuentsholing. You must apply in advance. You can either fill in the Visa application form, fill it out and fax it to us or email at the following contacts. We will take care of the rest:

Download Visa form

1. Your full name as it appears in your passport
2. Permanent address
3. Occupation
4. Nationality
5. Passport number
6. Date of issue and expiration of passport
7. Date and place of birth

Double check that the information is correct; if there are discrepancies in any important numbers when you arrive in Bhutan, there are delays and complications in issuing the visa.
After the visa clearance is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Department of Immigration, they send a visa confirmation number to Druk Air. Druk Air will not issue the tickets to Paro until they receive this confirmation number.
The actual visa endorsement is stamped in your passport when you arrive at Paro. When the visa is issued, you need to pay US$20 and present a passport photo with your passport number written on the back. You will then receive a visa for the period you have arranged to be in Bhutan. We will process visa extensions for you if it is necessary.

In the major towns such as Thimphu, Paro, and Phuentsholing, comfortable hotels await the visitor, while in smaller towns, modest but still comfortable hotels await the visitor. We will ensure that the best available accommodations are arranged for you. More information is available from the Tourism Authority of Bhutan, which regulates hotel standards and all travel regulations in Bhutan. Accommodations are included in the daily tariff rates.

Government regulations require that the tour payment be deposited before the visa can be processed. The easiest way to make this payment is by Internet Check using the link below. Alternatively, you can transfer the money to Bhutan National Bank using the following details.

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