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The tourism policy in Bhutan is “high value low volume” tourism. Tourism has been strictly limited in Bhutan so as to preserve the traditional culture and identity. Bhutanese people are religious and it is important to show respect for local customs and their way of life, especially while visiting religious places.

The tourism industry in Bhutan is based on the principle of sustainability, which means that tourism is to be ecologically friendly and environmentally, socially and culturally acceptable and economically viable. Keeping these in view, tourism is monitored and the number of tourists visiting Bhutan is kept to a manageable level.

Daily Tariff

The tariff for high season is priced US $ 200 per person/per day for visit to Bhutan.
The daily tariff covers a package that include all internal taxes and charges including royalty, accommodation, all meals, services of licensed guides, internal transport.
The royalty portion goes to the government which supports free medical care, free education and other welfare schemes. All visitors make a valuable contribution to the welfare system of the country.

High Season US $ 200
Low Season US $ 165

Surcharges on individual and in groups of less than four:
Independent traveler’s daily surcharges in addition to minimum price apply

a. US $ 40 per night for single traveler
b. US $ 30 per night for two people.

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